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Gaming Minds Studio and Kalypso Media gaming industry companies have followed the increasing popularity of the Railway Empire franchise and have decided to surprise the fanbase with a solid release called Railway Empire – Complete Collection. The Industrial Revolution is gaining momentum and the far-reaching railway routes are being forged on a daily basis, expanding the network of means of travel and exportation. The age of the long-trail ‘Iron Horses’ has begun and you are stepping in to make sure that the new empire prospers and expands, so buy Railway Empire – Complete Collection Steam key and begin your epic journey!Build the unmatched empireEnter the Industrial Revolution time, ranging from the 1830s to the 1930s, and build a global company of communication using a relatively new invention – trains. Railway Empire – Complete Collection PC presents an engaging gameplay revolving around the supremacy of the railway network that grants new opportunities during the Industrial revolution. If you have a knack for management and business, then take on the challenge of building your very own empire to compete with at least three major rival tycoons! The competitors never rest or hesitate, so keep vigilance with Railway Empire – Complete Collection Steam key and assume the dominance over the establishment.Gameplay featuresRailway Empire – Complete Collection CD key offers a variety of innovative gameplay features that provide a majestic strategy simulation experience.• Build and manage. Create your own urban metropolis of railway routes and stations to build strong communication for traveling and exportation;• Dynamic environment. Enjoy the shifting weather system that affects your business, and the Night Mode;• Content pack. The collection includes al the regional soundtracks, unique city buildings and a set of characters;• Set of scenarios. Enjoy at least 15 scenarios and 4 challenge maps, or you prefer freedom, try out Free and Sandbox modes that provide room for your inventive mind;• Small advantages, big results. The game presents more than 80 historically accurate locomotives whose strengths and weaknesses you can exploit and use to your advantage;• Cheaper Railway Empire – Complete Collection price.The game revolves around strategic thinking, so be ready to exploit anything that comes your way to outdo your competitors and create the greatest municipality of communication business. If you love putting your abilities to test and see results flourish, then buy Railway Empire – Complete Collection Steam key and indulge in this simulating game!All DLCs in one collectionRailway Empire – Complete Collection PC contains 8 DLCs of the Railways Empire franchise, which is extremely convenient. The DLCs can also be bought in our store separately.• Railway Empire: The Great Lakes;• Railway Empire: Germany;• Railway Empire: Mexico;• Railway Empire: Crossing the Andes;• Railway Empire: Down Under;• Railway Empire: France;• Railway Empire: Great Britain and Ireland;• Railway Empire: Northern Europe.Each DLC contains a set of new maps, scenarios, engines, and other goodies to boost your experience. Buy Railway Empire – Complete Collection Steam CD key and enjoy the insurmountable amount of content to keep you occupied in the most effective and entertaining way!

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