Monster Prom 3 Monster Roadtrip (Digital)


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Embark on a road trip like no other in this co-op narrative survival adventure. Visit fun locations, meet wacky characters, and manage your resources wisely. And yes: you still can date some hot monsters. Hit the road with „Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip”, a vibrant sequel that twists the Monster Prom formula in an exciting new way.About The GameYou and up to 3 friends will face all kinds of wacky conflicts, choosing from options in order to manage your road trip resources. If a resource hits zero… you can kiss your trip goodbye! But fulfill the right requirements and you may reach one of the dreamy destinations that will put an epic end to this experience.Key FeaturesThe signature style of the Monster Prom franchise: unique, charming characters and irreverent humorA co-op narrative adventure with survival mechanicsYou can play with friends both through local and online multiplayer!YES! There’s still the option of dating. This time flirting is not the core of the game, but you can still get a date with Polly, Scott, or one of the 10+ available hitchhikers by the end of the game!TONS of beautiful art like you have never seen before in these series (seriously, there’s A LOT of art packed in here)Even if it’s a co-op game, there’s a social competitive aspect that will provide a thrill for the game. Choosing how much to seek your own benefit and how much to focus on the group goal!Several brand new characters, and some beloved characters from previous games will be making a comeback!Radio stations to choose from, with different music genres to build the perfect mood!

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