PAYDAY 2 City of Gold Collection (Digital)


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PAYDAY 2 characters, Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains are back to Washington DC! Don the masks and enter the criminal world of the city. Check the CRIMENET network to find attractive contracts from emptying bank vaults to robbing convenience stores. Though, once you become tired of crime, you can participate in the local community or run a political errand. Go for it! Cooperate with your friends, make progress and earn better rewards. Customize your character, craft your gear and brush up the looks of your PAYDAY 2 character.Key features:Cooperation – Characters must be chosen carefully. Be aware that if your plan goes awry, the right skills combination is what can help you out.CRIMENET – The vast network of contracts lets gamers choose from many available by getting in touch with local contacts such as Vlad the Ukrainian, politician “The Elephant” and Hector the drug dealer. Each of them eager to carry out their own agenda with their best interests in mind. Dynamic Scenarios- Every scenario has different geometry. Prepare for a different course of actions and rare events to suddenly happen.PAYDAY 2 skills – Develop your character in the area of four special skills : the Mastermind, the Enforcer, the Ghost and the Technician. Create a unique mix of abilities and use them to your advantage.Patterns and modifications – Thanks to the new mask system you can now customize your own mask by changing its pattern and color.It’s your game – play however you want. There are multiple approaches to each level, and the way of getting your job done is totally up to you.

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