Sonic Origins (Digital)


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Experience classic adventures of Sonic games again, together with Sonic Origins __GAME_PLATFORM__ key, when buying it at a lower price today! Classic, collectible, and revamped Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD games are waiting for you. It’s a must-buy for every fan of the series, characters, or just retro games. From the iconic Green Hill Zone level to the dangerous Death Egg Robot, you will travel through memory and nostalgia lane, while trying to stop the sinister Doctor Robotnik and his plans. All that and much more in the high-definition graphics! The newest version of the games also includes new levels, that you will explore, together with new animations and a brand-new Anniversary mode!Sonic Origins featuresGet to know these elements, that will force you to explore every game’s pixel:• Redefined classic. Explore classic Sonic games with high-quality graphics, enjoy brand-new opening movies and animations;• New collectibles. Complete various missions and receive coins, that you will need to unlock new content, challenges, and special levels in the Museum;• Classic and Anniversary modes. Run as fast as possible in various classic mode zones, while experiencing the game in a classic resolution, together with a limited amount of lives, or choose the new Anniversary mode, which offers unlimited lives and revamped resolution;• Cheap Sonic Origins (PC) price.What can you expect?Indeed, this is the question that is easy to answer. With Sonic Origins __GAME_PLATFORM__ key you can expect fast, breathtaking speed, unique characters, and colorful, full-of-life levels, that you will be able to explore. Sonic character is the main mascot of the company SEGA. He is known for many decades, and every fan of gaming history just has to know him. So, if you are a retro player, don’t hesitate any more and buy this game. Experience classic games with a new face today. There’s no time to wait, be like Sonic – grab your wallet fast and buy the game cheaper today! You won’t get disappointed.

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