Ace Attorney Trilogy (Digital)


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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is a collection of 14 episodes spanning throughout the three narrative-based adventure games developed by CAPCOM. Assume the role of Phoenix Wright and step right into the courtroom! The times of falsification and bribery are far from over, and you’ll stand in the very centre of it all!It’s Hella PopularPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy key unlocks a classic courtroom adventure for you to partake in. These games leave audiences captivated and short of breath, want facts?! Nothing can prove it better than the 6.7 million copies sold worldwide! But, of course, to believe it, it’s always best to proceed with an investigation of your own.It’s Very ImmersiveIn each of the three games that you’ll get with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy key, you’ll have your game split into two parts. In one, you’ll have to make your own investigation regarding the upcoming case, and in the other, you’ll have to portray your investigation’s results in the courtroom trials!Get to Know Phoenix WrightMeet Phoenix Wright, the protagonist that you’ll control with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy key. The protagonist works as the defence attorney, and at times he’s also assisted by the spirit medium Maya Frey! Throughout the games, you’ll have to face powerful and arrogant prosecutors, who’ll do everything in their power just to keep their win-record perfect!

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