Darksiders Franchise Pack 2015 (Digital)


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Get the best of what the Darksiders has to offer with the Darksiders Franchise Pack, a bundle that includes the Deathinitive Edition for Darksiders II, an exclusive soundtrack for the same game, and Darksiders Warmastered Edition game!The Deathinitive Edition features:• All DLC ever released for Darksiders II, adding up to over 30 hours of gameplay!• Improved game graphics• Reworked game balance• Steam Trading CardsPlay as a vicious warrior, taking on battles never seen before, in a vast open-world to explore and endless character customization options!Darksiders (Warmastered Edition) features:• Support for 4k video output resolution• Doubled texture resolutions• Re-rendered cutscenes, now all in HD• Various improvements and reworks to rendering• Higher quality to shadow rendering• Post-processing effects• Optimized framerates• Vast variety for Graphic Options• Steam Trading CardsBattle for survival in an apocalyptic world of Darksiders, a role-playing game developed by Vigil Games!Get stronger with each passing day as you collect relics, gain new abilities and upgrade weapons, slowly merging with your character!Battle your way through post-apocalyptic wastelands and dungeons where everything that moves is out to kill you! Face anyone daring to stand in your way on your quest to redemption!

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