Doraemon: Story of Seasons (PS4 Key)


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Doraemon, the endearing cat-type robot that captured the hearts of millions worldwide, now arrives in ‘Doraemon Story of Seasons’! Dive into a new world that combines relaxing gameplay with a story of farming, friendship and helping others. Grab a shovel and join the fun – coming soon to the Nintendo Switch and Steam!A slice-of-life game featuring beloved Doraemon characters!Take control of Nobita, an average boy with a heart of gold, to help bring a destroyed farm back to life! Create bonds with the other townsfolk to witness heartfelt interactions while you explore and foster the land with Doraemon, Shizuka, Gian, and Suneo!“Story of Seasons” with a twist!Customize your farm by growing crops, raising farm animals, building furniture, and exploring everything that the city has to offer. Take advantage of Doraemon’s secret gadgets to make building your farm a magical experience!

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