The Dark Pictures Anthology – Little Hope (Digital)


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Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games studio, who worked on a spectacular horror game Until Dawn, delivers another gripping story brimming with horror elements – The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope. Here are major gameplay features:• Absorbing story. Become part of the spellbinding story about resentment unbound by death and the pits of hopelessness;• Game modes. The title contains several game modes, such as single-player campaign mode with a standalone branching story or co-op multiplayer mode;• 5 different perspectives. Assume the role of one of 5 different playable characters for complete immersion as you experience the events differently through the eyes of different people;• Cheaper The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope price.Masterfully narrated story from the perspective of 5 different characters, who can live or die in your version of the narrative. If you have the guts to stomach nerve-wracking tension, experience the standalone story enriched by cinematic cut-scenes worthy of the silver screen, then buy The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Steam key!Engrossing horror experienceThe story begins with 4 college students and their professor getting stranded in the abandoned town of Little Hope. Ironic, isn’t it? The catch is that they are trapped in the mysterious fog where they keep witnessing visions from the past, meeting the apparitions of sinister characters. Travel as far into the past as XVII century Andover Witch Trials, where the blood of the women spilt on the ground of this village, still haunts the place to this very day. Buy The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope key and embark on the journey that redefines horror as you become part of a well-crafted narrative, telling a tale about the darkness residing in human hearts and resentment outlasting death.3 different ways to playOne of the unique quirks of The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Steam key is that you get to play the game in three different ways. The title introduces a multiplayer mode to The Dark Pictures Anthology for the first time, so now you can share the horrific experiences with your friends of the whole story in the Shared Story mode. The other two gameplay options include Solo Story and Movie Night mode. Movie Night is another mode designed for multiplayer where up to 4 players can play the story, each of you controlling a different character. Last but not least – Solo Story is for those who like to fully submerge themselves into the narrative can do that in this single-player mode!

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