Bleeding Edge (Xbox One Key)


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Bleeding Edge is a multiplayer online combat video game, where you team up with people online to take down the opposing players. BE gives you an experience filled with crazy colors with fast-paced combat and amazing diverse abilities of the heroes.Bleeding Edge GameplayYou can choose from three different classes, support, tank or damage dealer and fight with them on arenas in teams of 4. Every game is unpredictable because you can choose different load-outs every round to gain an advantage and surprise your opponent. To change the load-out, earn cybernetic upgrades during matches and install them on your hero to improve their performance and gain an edge over your enemies. You can use a wide variety of mechanical mods to upgrade the weapons, as well as, to change the type of attacks and the power of your hero.You can also customize your hoverboards, here used as the means of transport on the battlefield. You can change their blazing trails or put various stickers on it or even paint it to a color that suits you the most to give it a unique appearance when going into battle.You are given the option to choose from numerous characters, each of them having their own playstyle, weapons, abilities, as well as, background stories. Their abilities are divided into three categories based on the level of utility or damage. These being: basic abilities, specials, and supers, where each one can have different effects and usability depending on the situation and the opponent as well as your team composition.EnvironmentTo win the game you can additionally take advantage of the environment, as some areas contain certain hazards, like a running train, that can be used to outwit your enemy and make them forfeit their lives quicker. Using the terrain to surprise your enemy is one of the key elements on the way to victory!Retro styleEnjoy the audio-visual aspects with elements reminding retro video games such as pixilated elements of the arenas and the UI as well as numerous sounds in the style of old computer games creating a spectacle similar to that of virtual reality.Key featuresCustomize blazing trails and put stickers on your hoverboard or even paint it to a desirable color to ride with styleChoose from three different classes: tank, support or damageTake advantage of the environmental hazards in the arena to take the leadChoose from several various characters and get ready into battleMake use of three different types of abilities of each champion to claim the arena.

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