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MotoGP 20 is another release of a famous motorcycle racing simulator developed by Milestone in 2020. Thanks to the cooperation with Dorna Sports S.L. company, the game features the official license of the Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing. Just like in previous games of the franchise, developers focused on delivering realistic MotoGP racing experience. The game offers very high-quality graphics thanks to advanced Unreal Engine 4.GameplayMotoGP 20 is a typical racing simulator. The player has an opportunity to test their skills in extremely realistic MotoGP races. Players can take part in real-life competitions such as MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, and RedBull. The action of the game may be presented in FPP and TPP, depending on the player’s personal preferences.From the beginnings of the franchise, developers were focused on providing notably realistic racing experience and this time is no different. It is most visible in the driving model, weather, and physics, which has been completely re-created. Even though the developers continued numerous gameplay mechanics already known for the series, they introduced many completely new ones, taking the realism to another level. For example, during races, players must take into account asymmetrical tires usage, the necessity of fuel management, or weather conditions influencing the motorcycle movement. In addition to that, MotoGP 20 features a complex and lifelike damage system – every damage impacts the performance and the appearance of our machine.Players can browse through diverse customization options that allow them to adjust many different aspects of their motorcycle, including electronics, engine power, consumption, and even aerodynamics. A.I. of our opponents has also been improved. For more of a challenge, the game uses the Neural A.I system, which observes the player and is constantly learning how to be better. It is worth mentioning that the game offers both, single-player and multi-player experience. Players who prefer playing on their own can choose Quick Race, Carrier Mode, or delve into Historical Challenges in which they can unlock famous machines and riders. While playing in the multiplayer mode, players can take part in MotoGP eSport Championship.ReceptionMotoGP 2020 gathered very positive reviews among the players and gaming experts. According to Steam, over 90% of users’ reviews are positive. Players applauded developers for listening to their opinions and improving numerous gameplay mechanics, making the game significantly better than its predecessor.Key featuresThe new level of realism – take care of your motorcycle as any damage may significantly decrease your performance.Complex Carrier mode – becoming the Champion is not an easy task but who doesn’t like a bit of a challenge? Climb your way to the top and prove the world that you really are the best MotoGP raider.Licensed teams, motorcycles, tracks, and riders – the ultimate MotoGP experience. Legends of MotoGP – meet the true legends of the Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing in History Challenges mode.Neural A.I. – your opponents will observe you and learn from your mistakes!


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