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A real revolution in video games is coming! Ubisoft studio is not resting on its laurels and in 2021 it wants to treat us with something truly spectacular.GameplayThe Riders Republic is a huge playground, entirely at the disposal of players. You can put on skis, snowboard, ride a bike, or even use a wingsuit. All of this can take place in a huge world that can be explored with up to 50 friends simultaneously thanks to the multiplayer mode. Following the example of the best sports productions, we can also enter the career mode, where we will be able to develop our own skills and write our own unique sports legend. Progressing will unlock new items, such as gears or outfits.The graphic design looks phenomenal. On screenshots and trailers promoting the game, we can observe a large variety of terrain and great attention to detail. The animations of characters performing various tricks on a variety of equipment also look great. It will also be a real treat to visit iconic places in the United States, such as national parks Yosemite or Bryce Canyon.An unstoppable dose of adrenaline will be provided by various multiplayer attractions provided by the creators in this crazy rider game. An example is the Mass Start Races mode, a huge bike race in which more than fifty players can take part at the same time and compete for the win! But this is not the end of the advantages – we can also compete in the 6v6 arena mode or climb the online ranking. The creators have prepared a lot of stuff for players.A lot of fun!What’s more, the game offers great opportunities. Each style is highly developed and will require different skills from the player, and mastering all of them will require many hours of training. But it will not be tedious, boring and hard training – on the contrary, it promises to be brilliant fun that will be difficult to break away from! Thanks to the huge, open world, we will be able to feel real freedom and create our own style that we have always wanted to show to others.Riders Republic was announced on September 10, 2020, during the Ubisoft Forward digital event. The game is set to be released for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on February 25, 2021. Any sports game fan should write this date down in the booklet and wait for it with a flushed face. It’s going to be a real revolution. For the more impatient, Ubisoft has added the option of buying a pre-coder, which of course will be associated with additional bonuses.There is nothing else but to get on the bike and perform some spectacular tricks. Ahoy, adventure!Key featuresAn open world with maximum attention to detailSeveral game modes, each providing hours of entertainmentA meaningful reward system for progressThe possibility of competing in a huge group of playersCreate your own sports alter-ego!

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