Bus Simulator 21 Angel Shores Insider Skin Pack (Digital)


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About the contentThis collection of 10 unique paint jobs lets you represent the new USA map „Angel Shores”, as well as its sights and secret spots, while you drive the streets of Angel Shores and Seaside Valley.The list of „Angel Shores – Paint Jobs” includes:Oakwood Chinese stylesLakeside ViewSaint AntonyHighlander ParkAngel Shores SkylineAll Angel Shores districtsMystery HouseTransit stationGraffitiAlex CatfeteriaAll paint jobs are fully compatible with all buses, including articulated, double-decker, and e-buses. If you decorate your bus with these skins, the residents of the beautiful cities of Seaside Valley and Angel Shores will immediately know that you are an Angel Shores insider, no matter which roads you take.

Producent: Steam

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